Date: June 2, 2017

Emerging Payments and Legacy Modernization

Session Description

This session introduces some of the emerging payment initiatives. It will suggest how banks can be ready for offering such services and how corporates can take advantage of the bank’s readiness. A need for shift from traditional messaging environment to data-centric transaction processing at the middle-office will be discussed along with challenges faced by the back-end systems. This session is open to individuals at all levels since the approach is conceptual and will only get into details based on specific questions.

Speaker Information

Jacob Aruldhas has some twenty years of experience working as advisor, architect and consultant, designing and creating transaction processing solutions for major banks and corporates globally. He specializes in systems modeling, process optimization and design of systems that are considered complex. He is actively involved in Research and Development and works closely with universities, research institutions and the industry with recommendations and plans for maximizing efficiencies and optimized utilization of resources.

He has introduced new courses for graduate students and workshops for practicing engineers that would change their perception towards their profession and bring a high level of accountability to how they serve the communities. He has managed to convince the decision makers on the value propositions of such programs through press conferences, discussions and debates with critics.

Jacob has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Florida.

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