Date: June 2, 2016

Get up to Speed with Chryptocurrencies (I)

Session Description

The applications of the blockchain to corporate finance are obvious, from the annihilation of money transfer costs to Internet security. But should you jump in? What are the caveats of the new technology? Is to get out as easy as it is to get in?


This presentation will not make you as proficient as a rogue hacker but will teach you the concepts that are relevant to analyze the new technology within your corporate mandate.



Speaker Information

Francesco Tonin is an FX Application Specialist at Bloomberg based in New York. Most recently he was the North America head of FX Structuring at Citigroup, where he advised North American institutional clients on matters ranging from hedge accounting to FX option pricing. He also held exotic trading, structuring and sales positions at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. 


Francesco holds a Ph.D. in Partial Differential Equations from the University of Torino and an MBA from Columbia University; he held a tenured research position at the University of Padova.


Keara Killian worked as a trader for Nexgen/Natixis before joining GE on a Treasury Leadership program. Keara is currently Treasurer of AppNexus where, in addition to classic treasury responsibilities, she faces FX risk resulting from the auction process for programmatic advertising and analyzes the intrinsic market risks involved in the timing of multiple-currency bidding.


Keara completed a BA in Business Studies in DCU, Dublin, Ireland followed by an MA in Economics and Finance.