Date: May 30, 2018

Leveraging Your Account Analysis to Maximize Bank Relationships (I)

Session Description

Analyzing your banking spend is as important – and pesky – as ever. Statements stretch dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pages. The 2,000+ AFP codes sometimes defy comprehension. Yet this is how your company pays for banking services. We’ll discuss how taking control of your account analysis statements will help you:


  • Examine account structure and services for strategic improvements – create process efficiencies, enhance risk mitigation, better align services and deploy cash 
  • Understand your wallet allocation – balances, services, credit
  • Enhance bank relationships  
  • Respond to variances
  • Incorporate best practices and benchmark pricing
  • Untangle compensating balances, balance assessment fees, nominal and effective ECRs.


Speaker Information

Cathy Gregg sets the group’s strategic direction and manages senior client relationships.  Her guidance improves strategies and risk management operations for corporate treasury.  She is highly involved in advancing treasury technology applications and has focused on payment systems and banking evolution since founding Treasury Strategies in 1982.


Cathy has been a vocal advocate for client interests in regulatory matters, speaking to the U.S. Senate Banking Committee regarding the Volcker Rule and authoring numerous papers on the financial collapse, money fund regulations and the impact of regulatory change on U.S. liquidity markets.  She has been a keynote speaker at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Payments Conference, NACHA, TAWPI, the AFP National Conference, and numerous regional treasury and bank conferences.


Sam Pallotta joined the Rockefeller Group as Assistant Treasurer in 2007 and was named Treasurer later that year.


Before joining the company, Sam held various positions within General Motors’ Treasury Department, including Manager of the Overseas Finance and Worldwide Pension Funding. He was part of a GM team that raised $17.9 billion in 2003, at the time the largest debt offering in history. Earlier, Sam worked for Johnson & Johnson as a Senior Brand Analyst and as a Financial Analyst. His first position was as a Research Analyst, Mergers and Acquisitions, for Securities Data Co.


Sam holds a BS in Business Administration from Bucknell University and an MBA from the University of Virginia.

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