Date: May 30, 2018

How does Liquidity Forecasting Accelerate Growth and What's the Treasurer's Role? (X)

Session Description

The 2017 Global Treasury Benchmark Survey from PwC shows that companies worldwide hold a staggering $ 1.1 trillion (!) of excess liquidity in their business operations. These hidden liquidities can be traced by an accurate and automated cash management and forecasting process. These can then be used to improve the company's working capital, or to realize additional growth.

Setting up an automated Cash management & forecasting process is finally available by technological progress. Currently, 87% of Treasurers still use manual spreadsheets. However, this process can be arranged much more efficiently.

To demonstrate what can be changed, this workshop sets out the challenges of accurate cash flow forecasting, followed by a case study by the Interfood Group. With $ 1.4 billion in annual revenue, Interfood, one of the leading global dairy traders and suppliers, has set up an automated Cash Forecasting process.

Vincent Almering led the project from start to finish and acts as a key figure between the different users (Traders / Treasury / Finance / CFO). He will share the challenges and benefits of cash flow forecasting as well as his experiences.

Finally, the main lessons learned will be discussed for Treasurers who are looking for a solution for an automated and accurate cash forecasting process. The main gain is the way in which the process gives us a very accurate insight when we encounter a limit. This allows us to re-adjust in a timely manner in order to avoid surprises.

Speaker Information

Vincent Almering is currently Finance Director at Interfood B.V.

Nicolas Christian is currently Managing Partner of Cashforce, a new and leading cash management & forecasting platform. Prior to founding Cashforce, Nicolas was a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a technology and cash specialist, Nicolas is a renowned guest speaker in the FinTech community as well as a frequent panelist at international Treasury Conferences.

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