Date: May 30, 2018

ISO 20022 - What Value Does it Provide? Banks, Corporates, Regulators? (I)

Session Description

Standardization makes things easier. The increasing adoption of the ISO 20022 standard is simplifying the business case for migrating to what is widely considered as the common language of financial telecommunications. But, what exactly is the value it provides? This session will make the case for Corporates, Financial Institutions, and Regulators to move away from exchanging data in proprietary formats which are experiencing reduced support. Normalizing this data into common standards via ISO 20022 will enhance the usability of analytics for treasury and finance teams, while supporting the automation of end-to-end processes. 


Key Take Aways: 


  • Attendees will be able to envision a standardized structure for corporate to bank communications
  • Develop a project lifecycle for migrating to ISO20022
  • Utilize a larger set of cash management and account management services
  • Automate payment initiation and reporting with standard controls.



Speaker Information

Jeffery Eck was a former Vice Chair of the OASIS ebXML Implementation & Interoperability Committee. He served on the Advisory Board of XML.Org and retired from SWIFT in 2017. While with SWIFT in Belgium, he managed the creation and commercialization of the first-ever standards-based products from SWIFT. Currently, he provides ISO 20022 consulting services to software companies, corporates, and financial institutions.

Mohan Murali is the President and CEO of Axletree solutions. He has over 26 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. His experience in building Technology Solutions and Business Development enables him to design solutions to customers with diverse needs. Under his leadership, Axletree Solutions has grown exponentially and is considered the vendor of choice for SWIFT Connectivity Solutions. 


Mohan holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and is a SWIFT Certified Expert.

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