Date: June 2, 2016

Utilizing Robotics and Fintech to Maximize Your Investment in TMS (A)

Session Description

Evolving Fintech development and Blockchain discussions are forcing companies to rethink how they make and accept payments.  In addition, the world of robotics is driving companies to think about automation of non-value added treasury tasks, and discussions have started about automating big data analytical outputs.  However, the calculating power of the relational data base remains at the core of treasury's investment in technology.  How will these areas impact use and development of TMS?  This session will provide areas of consideration as you look to enhance the investment made in your TMS.


Learning Objectives:


  • Discussion on automation of big data analytics, reliance on treasury as the relational data base and how it impacts the use and development of TMS?


  • Discussion on how to enhance the investment made in your company's TMS.



Speaker Information

Ehren Moeller is a Manager in the Global Treasury Services practice of Ernst & Young. He has twenty years of experience gathered in a variety of consultancy and relationship positions within the financial sector, with market leading treasury software solution providers, consultancy practices, and as a treasury practitioner.