Date: May 31, 2018

CTP - Money Markets (B)

Session Description

  • ETM5-Ch 05: Money Markets
  • ETM5-Ch 13: Short-Term Investing and Borrowing


This session opens with a discussion of the basics of money markets and how they function. The session continues with coverage of the different money market instruments and techniques used for the short-term working capital needs of the company. These include descriptions of different types of money market securities, as well as how these instruments are priced, yields are calculated and investments managed. Also included is coverage of short-term financing from the borrower’s perspective, including the calculation of the costs on bank lines of credit and commercial paper. 



Speaker Information

D.J. Masson, Ph.D., is President of The Treasury Academy, a training and consulting firm specializing in treasury management, international finance, business forecasting, and risk management. Over the past 25 years, D.J. has provided business and financial consulting and training services to a wide variety of corporations, financial institutions, and not-for-profit organizations in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. He is currently an Associate Clinical Professor of Finance at Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business and is a trainer and curriculum developer for programs with Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), GT News and Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) in the U.K, and Citibank’s Global Transactions Services unit. 


D.J. has extensive experience in developing curriculum for a wide range of teaching and training environments, both residential and on-line. He has developed classes and taught at all levels of higher education: undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and in-house, custom-designed courses. D.J. has worked with professional associations to develop workshop, training materials, and certification programs in the areas of Treasury Management, Credit Management, Global Cash Management, Financial Forecasting, Commercial Banking, and Risk Management. 


D. J.’s educational background includes a B.A. in Business from the University of New Orleans and an MBA and Ph.D. in Finance from Indiana University.  D.J. earned his Certified Cash Manager (CCM/CTP) credential in 1988. D.J. also earned the Cert ICM, an international cash management certification, from the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) in the UK in 1999.

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