Date: May 31, 2018

The Perpetual Digital Payment Transformation (I)

Session Description

Migration of payment types and channels to faster, more efficient methods is an ongoing transformation exercise. Redefining payment models can range from assessing the applicability of recent Faster Payments solutions such as the Clearing House's Real-Time Payments platform to executing simple process enhancements for checks and EFT payments.

Understanding the options available, coupled with an understanding of current processes and stakeholder needs, will position you to capitalize on the financially advantageous trek toward payment digitization.

Speaker Information

Chris Brazel has over 19 years of corporate treasury experience in the retail and insurance industries. Chris has been with New York Life Treasury since 2001 where he manages the cash management, cash forecasting and payment teams.

Chris is a graduate of the University of Georgia and a CTP since 2004.

James Colassano is a Senior Vice President at The Clearing House (TCH), where he is focused on product strategy and bank readiness in support of TCH’s Real-Time Payments program. In this role he works with TCH owner banks on opportunities and applications that address business related payment problems, as well as long term strategic priorities for this new payments infrastructure.

James has over 25 years of experience in the payments and cash management business, including 10 years with HSBC where he served as the global product head for their payables business and as the U.S. product executive for their payable, receivable and liquidity products. Prior to HSBC he spent 15 years with JPMorgan Chase in a variety of cash and treasury management roles.

James holds Master Degrees in Banking and Finance from Pace University.

Adam Kruis is a Working Capital Solutions Consultant who helps companies optimize their cash conversion cycle by providing tailored consultations on their payables and receivables processes. He works with all levels of clients to streamline their processes, increase controls and reduce costs through industry expertise and emerging technologies.

Adam has been trained and certified as an effective change agent and process improvement specialist through previous Lean Six Sigma and operations management roles.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Illinois State University and Master of Business Administration from Northern Illinois University.

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