Date: June 1, 2018

Using LinkedIn & Other Social Media to Advance Your Career (I)

Session Description

This interactive session will focus on how professionals can use LinkedIn and other social networking sites to brand and market themselves to a wider audience; build their network of professional contacts; engage with people outside of their immediate network; and, to share and receive information that can be valuable in advancing their careers.  Whether you are part of a larger organization, an independent practitioner or entrepreneur your online presence will be a key to your future success.  


Attendees will come away with a greater appreciation of the power of LinkedIn and other social media in promoting and advancing their careers.



Speaker Information

Chip Conlin maintains an active private coaching practice in which he helps clients from a variety of professions, including financial services, information technology, marketing, publishing and the not-for-profit sector achieve their career goals.

With more than 30 years’ experience in Human Resources to complement his coaching practice he specializes in helping clients quickly establish the right strategy to promote and advance their careers within a variety of industries.  

Chip has spoken on a variety of career related topics to such prestigious groups as the Project Management Institute, National Sales Network, Information Systems Security Association, and the Treasury Management Association of New York. He is also associated with The Five O’Clock Club, a national Human Resources and career development organization. 

With his unique blend of corporate Human Resources and career coaching experience, Chip’s focus is solving clients’ most pressing needs. In creating and executing a strong career strategy he has helped clients from a variety of backgrounds and professions advance their careers to new levels.

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